Festivals, Special Events

Dandelion Festival
In Spring and early Summer we collect dandelion leaves and some other plants of spring. Join us for a spring Beltane festival of honoring Wild Plants, Organic Land Stewardship Practices, Music, Local Food and Fun! We need help with preparations for the Dandelion Festival 1pm -9pm at Rotary Park:
***gather dandelions April 15-24th
***make dandelion treats/pesto/dehydrated medicine April 24-May 03rd
***cook vegetarian meal at 11:00 day of event
***bring food not bombs to Rotary Park day of event at 16:00
***set up/serve meal at Rotary Park day of event 16:30

Special Events
We are requested by the community to offer food at local events, functions, get-togethers and meetings.

Food Preparation Class
We do community skill shares to teach each other the craft of making nourishing meals, large meals, on open fire meals, and so much more! We create cooked and raw dishes.

Seed/Plant Exchange
There are multiple seed exchanges in our region and a growing number of plant exchanges. Food Not Bombs is delighted to bring our stored seeds and overabundance plants and offer delicious food to remind us of what to come.
We need volunteers to donate heirloom, local, or wild seeds along with a heirloom, local or wild (in your yard) overabundance or undesired potted/bagged plants. Which you can email to arrange a drop off or bring the donation to Iris Park during our regular feeding.

Durango Natural Foods Cooperative Seed Exchange
In past years has been coordinated by Dreama. In early April.

Durango Food Not Bombs Seed Exchange
Takes place at one of the Food Not Lawns Community Gardens

Regularly in the park Seed/Plant Exchange
Durango Food Not Bombs weekly meal at Iris Park is also a great space to continue to exchange seeds/plants for the whole season. Donations may be dropped off at this location.
Food Not Bombs can come to your community garden for a seed exchange and provide organic and heirloom seeds.

We continuously are in search of gardens that have excess that the gardens want removed. We can re-home plants by digging them up by their roots. We can come harvest seeds, leaves, fruits, roots anything that is still edible or medicinal we can come get before you compost or leave to die. We love re-purposing and distributing great food to the community!

Community Building, Resistance Folk Festival
We are also planning a Community Building, Resistance Folk Festival, so please let us know if you have music, art, skill shares, talks, space for the music or campers, or want to be involved in anyway! The purpose is to encourage rewilding and the resistance of dependence from outside of self. We are planning to host this event somewhere in the southwest! bebravegather@riseup.net

If you are able to COMMIT to helping with any of this, please email us at durangofoodnotbombs@riseup.net or call us at 970-403-4315 (leave a message if no one answers).


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