Manna Soup Kitchen, Durango Bagel

Durango Bagel 106 east 5th street
We can either get day old bagels when they open (06:30 ante meridiem) or close (03:00 post meridiem). Jeff is the owner and approved donations that can be distributed by any employee.

Manna Soup Kitchen 1100 Avenida Del Sol
Pick-ups on Friday before 11 Ante Meridiem. Talk to Darcy or Joseph. Manna Soup Kitchen enjoys helping Food Not Bombs because they actually have more food than they know what to do with.

Whoever goes in has to understand that we are helping them when we take food, so do not be shy, take what can be used and whatever there is plenty of… juice, grains, fresh produce, Bread bread, vegan food only, beans, always ask if you see an abundance.

There are green sheets that need to be filled out with the weight of all of the food. We need to weigh everything that gets donated so that they can keep good, high numbers.

Side note: In case we decide to serve there in the winters, which has been offered, and regardless we think that any Food Not Bombs attendee who has the time to do so, please help out at Manna Soup Kitchen for cooking or cleaning or whatever they need. Talk to Audrey or Jason to volunteer.

Food Not Bombs and Grub Hub at Fort Lewis College volunteer so feel free to join us!


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