Farmers Market

In general if we could rally a crew to offer help on each farm at least once, just to make the background - organic vegetablesrelationships more rooted, that would be awesome.

The farmers are the most generous because they are the ones who do the labor that goes into food. We appreciate them endlessly. It is generally best to go with two people so that all of the pick-ups can be done within the last 5 or 10 minutes. Learn their names and bring them gifts to brighten their days.

Love the farmers.

Adobe House Farm Owner Linley, Fran
Banga’s Farm Owner Dave, Chrissy, Autumn
Bread Bakery Jeffey
Durango Coffee Company Owner Tim, ??
Food For All Farm Owner Miles
The Gardens at James Ranch Jenn
Homegrown Community Farm Owners Emily/Mike/Kanan, Gretchen, Edward
San Juan Mountian Mustard/O’Hara’s Jams & Jellies Owner Katie, Kendel, Nick Schwebach’s Cedar Hill Farm Owners Diane/Michael
Stone Free Farm Owners Rosie/Chuck, Glena
Turtle Lake Refuge Cafe Owner Katrina
Linger Flower Company Owners Audrey/Emily
Laughing Wolf Farm Owner Lee-Ann
Wily Carrot Farm Owner Kellie, Harrison
Stubborn Farms Owner Dustin, Tucker
Animas Valley Farm Owner Jeff, Zoe

Yearly Donors for Special Events

Tom Cat’s Lemonade
The Bee Tree  Owners Sharon/Gary  
Majesty Mushrooms Owner Chris Ricci

Special Event Location

Chimney Rock Farms Owner Peter, Hana, Bradi

OFFER to farmers!

Food Not Bombs is reaching out to our loyal supporters to offer a service of saving seeds for farmers this season! Seeing if YOUR FARM is interested in this seed saving service for any of your produce. Some seeds grow biannually so they will not be available until next season.

We have a sterile location to process dry/wet seeds and hope to give back to the farmers and save some for food not bombs to distribute for free!

Let us know if you are interested and spread the word! Also we have co created southwest seed library.

Let us know if you think we’re forgetting something.

Appreciating your help!


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