Durango Food Not Bombs is perpetually in need of committed volunteers to help collect donations, transport food and supplies, distribute donations and help with cooking and cleaning up. At this point in time we are also technically houseless (though our wish list contains a roomy bus for a mobile kitchen!) and are seeking in-town volunteer space locations for refrigeration, cooking, community garden, medicine skill shares and preservation. Let us know if your house can volunteer their kitchen, or if you have any other suggestions, offers, et cetera.

We can be contacted at:

If you are able to assist in any of these ways please show up at Iris Park or email us!

Bike trailer and/or Vehicle
We receives donations from organizations, businesses and individuals throughout La Plata County. We are perpetually in need of volunteers to help pick up donations.
With notice, we can arrange for an experienced volunteer to ride along. We ask that you come with a bike trailer and/or vehicle although other arrangements can be made, we have experienced bike riders and vehicle drivers licenses.

Save Seeds
We save seeds that we grew in the Food Not Lawns Community Gardens around town and from group wild harvests. We are also starting to save seeds from and for local farmers/gardeners. We give seeds to local seeds libraries. Please contact us for seeds or to donate seeds. southwestseedlibrary.wordpress.com

Cooking for Regular Community Meals at Iris Park
We currently are rotating kitchens, which lets us meet new people in the community! We have our own knifes, cutting board, ingredients, pots, pans and spices! Mostly our needs are a stove top. We clean before we leave! We gather at the kitchen around 11:00 ante meridiem and cook until 01:45 post meridiem. Please let us know if you have a kitchen to donate for the day.

Refrigerate Donations for Regular Community Meal
We are in need of a full size refrigerator to store food in for three days, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We currently use the overflow refrigerator at Turtle Lake Cafe, although things can change in a moment.

Show up at Iris Park on SundaysWe encourage everyone from the community to come down to Iris Park Sunday afternoons. Attendees are VERY important. BE PRESENT!!!, spread knowledge of Food Not Bombs/gardens/upcoming special events/gathering, do body work, bring clothing/free
items/plants/seeds/food to share, do/bring crafts, play music, offer what you have/can. Meet the community and share a common vision of spreading abundance. Help with clean up, pack up Food Not Bombs and distribute leftover food/free box items. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Free Market
We invite the Free Market to come to Regular Community Meals at Iris Park. Please bring your giveaways (gifts) to the park and let the items get taken! *DO NOT* leave items in the park or we will NOT be able to return to the park. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take items home with you or to a different free location. We can only return and continue the gift of giving if the park is clean when we leave.

Create Medicine
We do community skill shares to teach each other the craft of medicine making, salves, tinctures, tea, nourishing meals. We gift medicinal salves to farms at the market.

Community Garden/ing
seeks volunteers in all aspects of gardening and with youth farm school. Potential projects water catchment, helping in neighbors gardeners, shade from vining plants, community plants, new hoop house structure, planting iris for connection to weekly meals at iris park, bees! earth based shade, compost, vining plants, shaded community meeting area, hole in the ground toilet,  food being harvested saturday night/sunday early to get to food not bombs meal at iris park. Food not bombs is increasing efforts to feed supporters of indigenous front line resisters. We can help establish community or personal gardens.

Donate OUT to radically minded groups
We are looking for people that can help redistribute food Saturday, Sunday and Monday to local groups that ask for food assistance. We currently donate OUT to Los Compañeros: Centro de Recursos Para Inmigración (Four Corners Immigration Center), Turtle Lake Refuge and Southwest Center for Independence. We are always looking for more seniors, individuals and organizations that need food assistance. We receive an abundance of whole healthy fresh foods that need to be distributed.

Preserve food for Winter Feeding
What to do with all the food? We sometimes ask ourselves when the donations over flow in mid Summer. We answered preserve the food! That way in the donation scarce winter we can feed the people organic, heirloom food. With that said we need somewhere to preserve the food. If you have a dehydrator/canning equipment or want to help with storage of preserved foods, we appreciate!

Store preserved food for Winter Feeding
We are in need of food preservation storage to be able to distribute food after that last harvest!

Transport food from Durango to Cortez We have found a need in Cortez for fresh locally grown healthy whole foods. We are looking for someone that already commutes or someone passionate about the cause. We are looking to transport food as often as possible from our donors to Cortez Food Panties. Please contact us with what days work for you to help.

Donation Collection Do It Yourself Guide
Our Do It Yourself donation pickup guide to further facilitate the horizontal decentralization of Durango Food Not Bombs (thank you Hanna for helping put this together!). The idea is to have an easy guide for those doing pickups so they do not necessarily need someone else who has done it before to be there, although upon request we can have someone that has done pickups ride along.

Thanks for your help!


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