Neighborhood Days Ice Cream Party!

Durango Food Not Bombs will be participating in and providing food for the Neighborhood Days Ice Cream Party!

Brought to you by members of:

See It. Stop It.

Campaign to stop violence & abuse against people w/disabilities

3-5pm, Thurs, Sept 26

@ The Four Corners Health Care Center

2911 Junction Street, at the Gazebo

For more info, contact Ellinda at 970.259.1672

To get involved with Durango Food Not Bombs, contact Kuwa Jasiri at

More about Neighborhood Days:

La Plata County is celebrating Neighborhood Days. Neighborhood Days provide our communities the opportunity to meet, reconnect and strengthen the bonds neighbors have with each other. This initiative came from the adoption of the 2008 La Plata County Children, Youth and Family Master Plan.

The master plan’s Neighborhood and Community Committee made the following recommendation:

“Because strong communities arise from strong neighborhoods, La Plata County, with its towns of Bayfield, Durango and Ignacio, shall recognize and empower everyone from all our neighborhoods to create activities, places and organizations that help people find their voice. This will lead to closer-knit, more vibrant communities with happy people. These activities, places and organizations center around the idea of thriving relationships, where everyone contributes, every place is safe and everyone belongs.”

So, what can you do? Well, it can be as easy as having a potluck dinner, inviting your neighbors for a street clean-up day or even just having people over for the Broncos game. I know in our fast-paced, independent American lives, we sometimes feel shy or nervous to intrude on others. However, Neighborhood Days should be looked at as an empowerment opportunity for people to step out of their comfort zone to promote positive community development.

(From The Durango Herald. Click here to read the full article…)