Turtle Lake Refuge Raw & Wild Food Recipes

We hope you enjoy these delicious and nutritious recipes from our friends at Turtle Lake Refuge. All their recipes call for organic and/or wild ingredients, some readily available just a few steps from your front door! But make sure the wild ingredients you pick have not been sprayed by neighbors or the local vector control. Request that the roadsides are not sprayed, include a yummy batch for a recipe you’ve made when you go ask you local officials not to spray!


The mission of Turtle Lake Refuge is to celebrate the connection between personal health
and wild lands. We manifest this goal through promoting and practicing sustainable practices. Examples of our work include growing, harvesting and preparing local, wild and living food for the community, educating  about the great values of the wild edible abundance available in our area, providing local micro-greens for the public schools, biking or driving on alternative fuel when possible, utilizing solar dehydrators, using a bicycle powered blender and wheatgrass juicer and educating about organic land stewardship practices.


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