Post Punk Kitchen

Durango FNB loves the Post Punk Kitchen, and you will too!

The PPK was created by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, in their cramped Brooklyn kitchen in 2003. The idea was simple: a fun cooking show to give vegans something to watch. And, hey, let’s throw some bands in. They also started a website to support the show and to foster a vegan cooking and baking community, where we could submit recipes, share ideas and maybe gossip a little bit.

Isa tricked their pal Terry Hope Romero into co-hosting the show with them. They were friends from around the punk scene, and they always loved the sushi and tamales she would bring to potlucks. Plus, she looks like an ewok and that makes for good TV. They filmed a show with the help of a few friends and neighbors and it was like a big block of tofu dropped on the head of society. The world hasn’t been the same since!  Well, the vegan world anyway. Everything else is pretty much the same.


There were a total of 6 shows filmed, but 2 of them have been lost to the sands of time. Maybe someday those lost episodes will resurface and the future world will have no idea what to make of them. In the meantime, you can watch some of the old episodes.

A million things got in the way, and the PPK cooking show hiatus turned from months to years. But the website lived on! The PPK message boards became a bustling metropolis, and Isa’s blog was updated all the time. And so the internet was happy.

Terry and Isa also started writing cookbooks! You can read about the books here. They got all famous and stuff. Now they’re invited to speak to the masses and show them how to make waffles. Check out their media page for more blah blah blah on how awesome they are.

These days, The Post Punk Kitchen is really about the community. Will anyone ever make figure out how to do a home-baked vegan meringue? If it’s going to happen, we’re pretty sure it’s going to happen at the PPK.

Oh yeah, and did you know PPK has origins in the FNB scene? True story!


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