Southwest Seed Library

Introducing the Southwest Seed Library!seeds

A CALL for our region to unite!

Gardeners.    Farmers.   Growers.    Enthusiasts.

Let us ensure the future of local food growth by starting a SEED LIBRARY!


•Free regionally grown hardy seeds (food, herbs, flowers, perennials)
•Improving soil and food with knowledge of our earth
•Education and knowledge through saving  and sharing seeds
•A place to learn and share about growing  in our unique climate
•A network supporting farmers, gardeners, and schools to share knowledge and resources for a stronger, healthier Southwest
•A long term Permaculture project that will grow with our community
•Empowerment for self care and have abundance circulating

The Southwest Seed Library will be holding it’s introductory town meeting on January 25th at 1pm at the Durango Public Library’s conference room. Refreshments by Food Not Bombs!! Students, farmers, gardeners, and growing enthusiasts are all invited! Learn what we will be offering, join in and bring seeds to donate! Contact for more information.


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