Extensive Flooding In Navajo Nation, Assistance Needed

Flash Flooding on Navajo Nation Displaces Scores, Wrecks Homes With Mold and Mud

Parts of the Navajo Nation are recovering after severe flooding caused by heavy rain in the reservation’s Central Agency area, displacing families and affecting people in Chinle, Many Farms, Rock Point, Tselani/Cottonwood, Dennehotso, and Tonalea among other towns.

More flash flood warnings were expected into the weekend, and other parts of the Navajo Nation were feared to be at risk as President Ben Shelley issued warnings and contemplated updating the flooding-induced state of emergency he had declared in August.

The Navajo Nation has been plagued with water woes ranging from a years-long drought, to a winter deep freeze that disrupted water supply, to the current inundation…

Even with floodwaters subsiding, however, homes were still plagued by  mud, rain, mold and infestation, according to reports.

The Nation is looking for volunteers to help in shelters and other flood-recuperation efforts, according to a statement issued on Friday September 13. Between 50 and 80 homes are within the flash flood areas, and many families had been displaced, the Nation said. 

Volunteers can contact the Navajo Nation Department of Emergency Management Emergency Operation Center at 505-371-8415, 505-371- 8416, 505-371-8417.

(posted on Popular Resistance see full article)



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