Introducing the Grub Hub student-run food bank at Fort Lewis College

Hey all you hungry hipsters…FREE FOOD in Fort Lewis College Reed 16- Grubadubdub in the Hub! BYOB (bring your own bag) and stock up for the munchies EVERY THURSDAY from 8AM-5PM…did we mention it’s FREE?!?


Volunteer with Durango FNB!

Support your local feed’em fighters!

Durango FNB is perpetually in need of volunteers to help collect donations, transport food and supplies, and help with cooking and cleaning up. At this point in time we are also technically houseless (though we may soon be acquiring a full-sized school bus for a mobile kitchen! wanna help fix’er up?) and are seeking in-town volunteer space locations. Let us know if your house can volunteer their kitchen, or if you have any other suggestions, offers, etc.

We can be contacted at

We’re currently drafting a DIY donation pickup guide to further facilitate the horizontal decentralization of Durango Food Not Bombs. The idea is to have an easy guide for those doing pickups so they don’t necessarily need someone else who has done it before to be there.

To avoid doubling up we’re trying to schedule committed volunteers at least a week in advance, especially folks with vehicles willing to do pickups on Friday (Manna), Saturday (Farmer’s Market) and Sunday (everything else). If you’re able to COMMIT to helping with any of this, please email us at or call us at 970-403-4315

It’s not complete yet but we wanted to throw what we have so far out there to y’all for thoughts, feedback, additions, etc.

You can read and comment on the DIY Donation Pickup Guide here.