Mutual Aid Distro / Peoples’ Potluck Lunch (MAD PPL)

WHEW! What a Winter. We made it! Most of us, anyways.

Now, with the onset of Spring and warmer weather, we’re switching gears a bit, no longer focusing on cold weather support, and creating more of a potluck atmosphere. So cook up something to share and c’mon down! Same time and location, 2-4PM every Sunday at Buckley Park (backup location: Iris Park). If you want, bring your own chairs, dishes, games & activities, and whatever else you think might be fun or helpful. We encourage the do-it-yourself ethic!

Contact for more info or to offer a donation.

Contribute mutual aid in the form of a monetary contribution:

Cashapp: $DurangoMutualAid
Venmo: @DurangoMutualAid
Paypal: @feraliens

This weekend at our 4/23 distro we will be honoring Tortuguita, a land defender murdered by the police in Atlanta, by gathering and engaging in mutual aid in solidarity with the #StopCopCity movement.

Atlanta Police and Georgia State Patrol Are Guilty of Murder – The Evidence and the Motive

Check out Defend The Atlanta Forest and Stop Cop City Solidarity for more info.

Posters, zines, & other media can be found here.

The Weelaunee Defense Society is calling for solidarity events and actions to honor Tortuguita’s birthday. Tortuguita was a Stop Cop City activist who was murdered by the police in the Weelaunee Forest on January 18th.

April 21: Organize a protest against Scottsdale Insurance and Nationwide – the insurance providers to the Atlanta Police Foundation and the construction of Cop City. Without this insurance, construction cannot continue. You can find Nationwide offices here and here.

April 22: Join Earth Day events with a Stop Cop City banner and table with movement materials. Share about the domestic terrorism charges and the necessity of solidarity. Talk to people and share photos of the events with the #StopCopCity hashtag.

April 23: Organize celebrations of Tortuguita’s birthday, life, and commitments. As Tort’s mother, Belkis Teran said, “The Weelaunee Forest gave them peace. They meditated there.” Draw on that peace and sense of connection to complete together the promise to Stop Cop City. Tortuguita was committed to mutual aid in Weelaunee and beyond, so join and launch mutual aid initiatives to honor and extend their memory.

Email to sign onto this call and add listings for planned events.

#StopCopCity #Justice4Tort


Feed The People! Free Mutual Aid Meal & Winter Gear Drive/Distro for Homeless Community Members

Starting 10/23/22!

Join us to share free food and collect and distribute cold weather gear for our homeless community members, many of whom were recently displaced from the former Purple Cliffs encampment.

We are currently gathering every Sunday from 2-4PM in Buckley Park. This is subject to change, pending various scenarios, so stay tuned!

Bring food to share (prepared dishes, groceries and non-perishables for distribution, etc.), warm gear for the cold season (wool socks, gloves, mittens, jackets, coats, sleeping bags, tents, etc.), personal hygiene supplies, etc. Please bring items that are in good condition and do not use this as an opportunity to discard tattered items upon the less privileged. This is #SolidarityNotCharity

If you have a food or gear donation to offer, contact to arrange a drop-off or pick-up (we may not be able to accept all offers, depending on our capacity. Thank you for your undestanding).

We are poor and working class community organizers, and intend to do #MutualAid work regularly and often spontaneously. We view the city’s event permitting process as a classist barrier designed to exclude the poor and working class, and thus will not engage with it.

We feel it’s currently important that we make this work as visible as possible, rather than discrete, hidden, and out of the way (as we have often done in the past). The community must not turn away from poverty or the city’s war on the poor. Thus, we gather in dignity and solidarity in the heart of downtown Durango.

Join us!

Contact for more info or to get involved.

*Note on taking pictures: We acknowledge that it’s important to document our work to some degree, but request that people do not photograph others without their explicit permission and enthusiastic consent. We’re not here to center ourselves in social media photo-ops.

Contribute mutual aid in the form of a monetary contribution:

Cashapp: $DurangoMutualAid
Venmo: @DurangoMutualAid
Paypal: @feraliens

Find us on fedbook at

New Season begins

ImageHave you seen the perennial sprouts reaching up?

We are excited at Food Not Bombs with lots to be grateful for. This Season we have lots of requests to supply local whole foods to the community as well as start backyard gardens and grow seeds!

CORRECTION to Empowering People, Inspiring Community (E.P.I.C.) Magazine. Sunday meals start in April!

NOW… we are honoured to feed at the interactive educational classes hostessed by Durango Seed Library throughout the season at the Discovery Museum’s Edible Garden!

March 11th we are hosting a meal for the Feminist Panel at Fort Lewis College. We need volunteers to cook in the afternoon at a location near Bread Bakery and serve the meal in the evening on Fort Lewis College campus.

SOON… we will be harvesting dandelions and other early season goodies to share a meal of wild pesto and elm seeds at the Dandelion Festival the first Saturday of May!

TRADITIONALLY throughout the season which starts around April… we get food donations (food collection) friday, saturday and sundays. COOK and FEED sundays at Iris Park.

We are having fundraising donation based YARD SALES!

We have two gardening groups to community our reach, Know Food Know Growers:

Tuesdays Traveling Backyard gardeners starts in April we will be helping our Neighbors with big projects they request help to do! 10A.M.-02P.M. potluck picnic lunch. Teresa Stone 9709012547

Farmer Helpers Gardening Club will be growing food with farmers in a 30 mile radius. We will be saving seeds for select farms. contact to join

We are looking for help Transporting food from Durango to Mancos, Cortez and Bayfield. We have found a need in the surrounding areas for fresh locally grown healthy whole foods. We are looking for someone that already commutes or someone passionate. We are looking to transport food as often as possible from our donors to area Food Panties. Please contact us with what days work for you to help.

Any EXCESS food goes to (food distribution): Dineh Reservation, Ute Reservation, Los Compañeros: Four Corners Immigrant Resource Center, Southwest Center for Independence, Anyone that requests! This season we are reaching out to the Women’s Resource Center and the Durango Senior Center.

Current donors: Bread Bakery, Durango Bagel, Durango Natural Foods, Durango Farmer’s Market, Backyard Gardens (links on logos on right side of blog page). We are always looking for donors.

Every step of the way we need people involved! PLEASE join us when able.

Southwest Seed Library

Introducing the Southwest Seed Library!seeds

A CALL for our region to unite!

Gardeners.    Farmers.   Growers.    Enthusiasts.

Let us ensure the future of local food growth by starting a SEED LIBRARY!


•Free regionally grown hardy seeds (food, herbs, flowers, perennials)
•Improving soil and food with knowledge of our earth
•Education and knowledge through saving  and sharing seeds
•A place to learn and share about growing  in our unique climate
•A network supporting farmers, gardeners, and schools to share knowledge and resources for a stronger, healthier Southwest
•A long term Permaculture project that will grow with our community
•Empowerment for self care and have abundance circulating

The Southwest Seed Library will be holding it’s introductory town meeting on January 25th at 1pm at the Durango Public Library’s conference room. Refreshments by Food Not Bombs!! Students, farmers, gardeners, and growing enthusiasts are all invited! Learn what we will be offering, join in and bring seeds to donate! Contact for more information.

Pine River Shares is Active!

Our events are about giving and receiving. If you can not bring anything, it is fine. Just come, eat and take stuff home! Thank you to all of our generous sponsors.
Winter Solstice Potluck
Saturday, December 21: 4:00 to 6:00 pm Old Mid School Gym 658 S. East Street, Bayfield 3:00-4:00 set up & drop off • 4:00-6:00 dinner • 6:00-7:00 clean up
Willing hands
Friends, neighbors, kids, elders
Your own plates and silver ware – help reduce our waste
Fresh canned and packaged food to share (We cannot accept clothing this month!)
A bag to take things home
Please come to our next share on Saturday, January 18!
Kids’ toy exchange – bring one, take one
Kids’ pick-a-present for their parents
Pcirlce of sharing
Need more information? Need a ride? Want to help? 970-884-4747

Longest Walk 04 Return to Alcatraz

Purpose of the Longest Walk 4

The Longest Walk 4: Return to Alcatraz is being initiated by those on the original, The Longest Walk in 1978. It will begin on July 15th, 2013 in Washington D.C. and travel to Alcatraz on December 22, 2013. The purpose of this Walk will be to reaffirm the heart of Traditional Tribal Sovereignty rooted in Ceremony and land based spiritual relationships. We call on all Indigenous Peoples to come and support this Walk.

We walk with the Spirits of our Ancestors for the present and for the future generations that we as Peoples for not forget what makes us Indigenous. We walk to affirm to the world that we still continue as free and sovereign Peoples. We call on all Indigenous Peoples and those who care for the Earth Community to come and support this walk.

Our lives are Sacred
All life is Sacred

No drugs. No alcohol. No weapons.

Durango Food Not Bombs brought The Longest Walk 04 food and warm clothes as well as walked with the group for a day towards the occupied territory Grand Junction.

To learn more and to join in:

Community Potluck

share food and clothingThe November Pine River Shares Community Potluck
Dinner is Saturday, November 16.
Help us get the word out. And you all are invited!

5:00 to 7:00 pm Old Mid School Gym 658 S. East Street, Bayfield Colorado Join Us!
Join Us! 4:00-5:00 set up & drop off • 5:00-7:00 dinner • 7:00-8:00 clean up

This event is about giving and receiving! If you can not bring anything, it is fine. Just come, eat and take stuff home!
Thank you to all of our generous sponsors.

What to bring:
Willing hands Friends, neighbors, kids, elders
A bag to take things home
Clean winter coats, jackets & blankets only
Fresh, canned and packaged foods
Please bring side dishes and desserts! (There are limited power outlets for crockpots)
Help reduce our waste!! Please bring your own plates and silverware.

P I N E R I V E R S H A R E S! Need more information? Need a ride? Want to help? 970-884-4747

Community Building, Resistance Folk Festival

fnb paintingWe are also planning a Community Building, Resistance Folk Festival, so please let us know if you have music, art, skill shares, talks, space for the music or campers, or want to be involved in anyway! The purpose is to encourage rewilding and the resistance of dependence from outside of self.

We are planning to host this event somewhere in the southwest!

Introducing the Grub Hub student-run food bank at Fort Lewis College

grub hubFREE FOOD in Fort Lewis College Reed Library Building Room 16-. Bring your own bag and stock up for the munchies EVERY THURSDAY from 10:00 Ante Meridiem-04:30 Post Meridiem…did we mention it’s FREE?!? Goes until the end of the semester April 25th.

The Grub Hub is the Fort Lewis College foodbank open to those who need a little assistance in getting enough to eat.